Birding near Mogi das Cruzes (2)

Continuing the guided tour with Carlos Henrique our next stop near another field.

First a picture of the nest of the Rufous Hornero (Rosse ovenvogel), which looks like an iglo made from mud. You can find the nests in trees, but also on telephone poles next to the road as you can see.

Rufous Hornero (Rosse Ovenvogel)Rufous Hornero (Rosse Ovenvogel)

In the fields we spot a Campo Flicker (Camposgrondspecht), far away, but the background colors came out nicely so I include it anyhow.

Campo Flicker (Camposgrondspecht)Campo Flicker (Camposgrondspecht)

We saw many hummingbirds, but they are hard to take pictures of. Too fast usually. This White-vented Violetear (Witbuikvioletoorkolibrie) was kind enough to take a rest on a branch.

Campo Flicker (Camposgrondspecht)Campo Flicker (Camposgrondspecht)

Carlos could not find a Sao Paulo Antwren, apparently it was too dry for them in. But where he expected the Antwren, we did find a roadside hawk (wegbuizerd). Unfortunately the hawk was pretty far away for the 300mm lens.

Roadside hawk (Wegbuizerd)Roadside hawk (Wegbuizerd)

Nearby we found we swallow tanager (Zwaluwtangare) in a tree nearby. This is a bright blue bird.

swallow tanager (zwaluwtangare)swallow tanager (zwaluwtangare)

The same stop we found white-spotted woodpeckers (Parelbuikspechten), a pair on a tree trunk. The male has a red crest. I had never seen such small woodpeckers before.

White-spotted woodpecker (Parelbuikspecht)White-spotted woodpecker (Parelbuikspecht)

A pair of saffron finches (gewone saffraangorzen) sat on a nearby telephone pole. The female decided to leave when I made the picture, which actually made the picture a lot nicer.

Saffron finches (Gewone saffraangors) Saffron finches (Gewone saffraangors)

More and more birds came by. The small-billed eleania (Kortsnavelelenia) and bran-colored flycatcher (roesttiran) did not really cooperate. Click on the links for the not-so-good pictures. We saw more birds here, but one more picture: the southern rough-winged swallow (Zuid-amerikaanse ruwvleugelzwaluw).

Southern rough-winged swallow (Zuid-amerikaanse ruwvleugelzwaluw)Southern rough-winged swallow (Zuid-amerikaanse ruwvleugelzwaluw)

On to our next stop, with the biggest surprise for the day …

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