Sleeping Common Potoo

Continuing the guided tour with Carlos Henrique … post #3 from that daytrip.

Our next step Carlos was looking for small birds using recorded songs. That gave me nice pictures from the Golden-crowned Warbler (Goudhaanzanger).

Golden-crowned Warbler (Goudhaanzanger)Golden-crowned Warbler (Goudhaanzanger)

But next Carlos became quite excited as he spotted a sleeping common potoo (Grijze reuzennachtzwaluw) on a tree trunk nearby. It was a first for him in all his years of being a birding guide. So despite the name ‘common potoo’, this is not a very common sight. Potoos are night birds, the only change to see them is to find one sleeping.

Common potoo (Grijze reuzennachtzwaluw)Common potoo (Grijze reuzennachtzwaluw)

Another picture from the same bird because it was such a special find.

Common potoo (Grijze reuzennachtzwaluw)Common potoo (Grijze reuzennachtzwaluw)

After the big potoo back to the small birds, a top-view from an Ochre-faced Tody-Flycatcher (Bruinkeelschoffelsnavel). This is a tiny bird, only 9 cm.

Ochre-faced Tody-Flycatcher (Bruinkeelschoffelsnavel)Ochre-faced Tody-Flycatcher (Bruinkeelschoffelsnavel)

The blue manakin (zwaluwstaartmanakin) did not feel like coming out, so his picture is a blurred by the bushes in front of him. In a way that makes it more special I guess.

blue manakin (zwaluwstaartmanakin)blue manakin (zwaluwstaartmanakin)

Time for lunch in a local restaurant before we go to Salesopolis.

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